Practical Information

Official Name: Union of the Comoros
Population: 795,000 inhabitants 2011 census
Area: km² 2236
Geography: Volcanic
Capitol: Moroni
Languages: French official, Arabic and Shikimori
Currency: Comoros Franc (ie 1 Euro = 491, 96775 KMF)
Minimum wage: Approximately 22,500KMF/ month
Government: Presidential
Current President: Dr ikililou dhoinine since May 2011

Comoros is an country is an archipelago of four islands in the north Mozambique Channel, with a total area 236 km2 2, found between 11° 20′ and 13° 05′ South latitude and 33° 10′ and 45° 20′, longitude.

It has long been an important crossroads between African Bantu and the Arab world, the East Indians, West Asians and Portuguese sailors, followed by French and British colonists.

The four islands include: Grande Comore (Ngazidja) 1148 km2, Anjouan (Ndzouani) 424 km2, Moheli (Mwali) (290 km2) and Mayotte (Maoré) 374 km2.

In March 1997, the Comorian government passed a Sector Development Strategy which is currently being updated. This strategy aims to preserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage and history of the country and involve the population in the fight against poverty. This strategy has been reinforced by the new Tourism Act adopted by the National Assembly and promulgated by Presidential Decree in 2012 and the creation of a new institution called “National Tourism Office, abbreviated ONTC” to implement this strategy and Comoros to a destination that counts. This office will help the Union of Comoros realize their the ambitions of responsible and fair tourism which respects tradition, culture and the natural environment.

  • Weather

The Comoros islands are found in a humid tropical area. Tempered by altitude, the climate is influenced by Southeast trade winds and monsoons from the northwest.

This climate is typically characterized by two seasons:

The dry and cool season from May to October (austral summer)
The hot and humid season, which goes from November to April (austral winter).

High temperatures average of 27° C in the austral summer; The cooler months of July and August average temperatures of 23-24° C.

The annual average temperature is 26° C

Maximum temperatures are around 30° C in the hot season, sometimes reaching as high as 34° C.
Minimum temperatures tend to occur late at night, generally above 20° C in the hot season, sometimes up to 25 ° C.

  • Tourist Visa

On arrival at the International Airport Prince Said Ibrahim Moroni ( AIMPSI ), the visitor can be granted a visa on site up to one and a half months (45 days) worth from: 15 000 FC or 30 €.

Exit visa for residents: 4,000KMF or 8€

Visa of one year: 250,000KMF or 500€

Resident card 10 years: 250,000KMF or 500€

Valid exit visa a year for residents: 20,000KMF or 40€

Visa service: Free

Visa for minors (under 18): free

  • Customs formalities

Tourists are allowed to bring in only two bottles of wine and two cartons of cigarettes.

  • Language
  • The national language is Shikomori (dialect of Swahili and Arabic), though significantly different dialects are found on each island. The official languages ​​are Shikomori, French and Arabic. English is spoken by a small minority of the population.
  • Working hours:

– Shops are open from 08:00 to 17:30
– Public services are open from 07:30 to 14:30 Monday through Thursday;
– From 07:30 to 11:30 on Friday;
– From 07:30 to 12:30 on Saturday;

  • Silver, currency and exchange
    The Comoros archipelago uses the Comorian franc. 491,00KMF equals 1€ and 440FC = $1

– Credit cards: Check with your bank, though the Federal Bank of Commerce (CFB) has operated with MasterCard since November 2011. It should be noted that relatively few businesses accept credit cards in Comoros and most people pay with cash.
– Traveler’s checks: checks issued in euros are recommended.
– ATM: There are several ATMs found throughout Comoros however they do not always operate consistently and tourists shouldn’t rely solely on ATMs and should plan for a short term back-up plan (cash or traveler’s checks).

– The International Bank for Industry and Trade (BIC), EXIM Bank and the Federal Bank of Commerce (BFC) are the only banks that exchange travelers checks. To avoid additional charges, tourists are advised to use checks issued in euros, dollars or pounds sterling.

Bank Hours

7:15 to 13:00 Monday to Thursday;

7:15 minutes to 11:00 on Friday and

07:30 to 12:30 Saturday

  • Postal Bank, which has two branches in France, opens Saturdays and ensures jusqu’à17h constantly everyday.
Nmbr Banking Institution Contact Email
1 Banque Postale (SNPSF) 763 46 00/7734343
2 Central Bank of the Comoros ( BCC ) 773 August 18
3 Comoros Development Bank ( BDC ) 773 April 14
4 Bank for Industry and Trade ( BIC ) 773 February 43
5 EXIM BANK 773 94 01
6 Federal Bank of the Comoros ( CFB ) 80/81/82 773 88
7 Meck-Moroni 773 27 28/7738283
  • Museum

The National Museum of the Comoros plays a leading role in documenting and curating cultural and artistic products as well as working to preserve Comorian history.

Tourists are invited to learn more about Comoros through the Museum “CNDRS” National Center for Documentation and Scientific Research.

visits Tariff :

– 750KMF adult fare

– 500KMF student rate

B.P 169 Moroni – Comoros
Phone: 269-773 91 02
Fax: 269-774 41 89

  • How to Get Around

City Taxis and rural taxis are frequent and collective, though private cars with or without drivers can be arranged. The Taxi fare starts at 250KMF or 0.50€

  • Code of Conduct

The Union of Comoros adopted its’ driving laws from the French rules of conduct. An international license is required when renting a car or motorcycle.

  • Water and electricity

– Electricity is 220 Volts, 50HZ
– Tap water is drinkable, and it is also possible to obtain bottled mineral water produced in Comoros, or imported from France.

  • Events and festivals

See Calendar of Events

  • Telecommunications

Comoros have entered the era of modern communication technologies, broadband Internet is readily available at internet cafes with fiber optic bandwidth since 2010. There are also mobile communication technologies available for tourists including: USB Mpéssi , 3G Naffasi WIFI which allows you to surf the net with wireless broadband connection.

  • Public holidays
    – 1 st January: New Year’s Day;
    – 1 st May: International Labour Day;
    – July 6th: made of independence- The anniversary of the Miraj (ascension)- The anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammad SAW-1 st day of the Muslim year (1 st Muharram)

    – The anniversary of the death of Al Koutb Said Mohamed Cheikh Al Maarouf

    – Feast of the idea el Fitr: three days after the 29th of Ramadan (fasting holy month)

    – Day after day, and the idea el Kabir (celebrated the sacrifice)

    November 12th: day of admission of the Comoros to the United Nations, dedicated “Maoré Day” (for the claim of Mayotte), paid statutory holiday.