Health & Hospitals


The international book of vaccination against yellow fever and cholera are recommended for any visitor from affected areas or who have passed at least one day. Preventive measures against malaria are strictly recommended.

El-MaroufMagoudjou (Moroni)773 34
AscobefCoulée (Moroni)773 37 98ascobef@comorestelecom.
Service Santé MilitaireMoroni773 18 51
Hôpital de MbeniMbeni
Hôpital pôle de MitsamiouliMitsamiouli
Hopital de FoumbouniFoumbouni
HomboMutsamudou (Anjouan)771 00 34
Service de SantéOuani (Anjouan)771 07 56
Hopital SalamaniMohéli772 03 73