The Comoros archipelago gets a University “University of the Comoros” since 2013 to address the constraints the Comorian education system and accelerate growth.

Faculties, Institutes and Schools

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences;

Faculty of Law and Economics;

Faculty of Science and Technology;

Faculty Imam Chafiou, classical Arabic;

Training Institute for Teachers and Educational Research (IFERE)

University Institute of Technology (IUT) ‘Tourism and Hospitality – Info-Trade-Geni Geni Civil-Business Management and Administration-Statistics’;

School of Medicine and Public Health (EMGP)

University Centre for Vocational Training (CUFOP)

National School of Fisheries
Mirontsy – Anjouan
+269 771 02 46/333 62 89

Center for Technology and Tourism
Mbeni – Grande Comore
+269 322 7271