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Ecotourism in Comoros

In Grande Comore, some natural sites such as Karthala, the coelacanth area and the salt lake can be a major source of attraction for curious and adventurous tourists. About 18 sites offering interesting features have been identified in Ngazidja. The Moroni region in Itsikoudi is the least explored by tourism. Anjouan is the second island in the Comoros archipelago. 12 sites have been identified there. With its mountain scenery, waterfalls, scented vegetation, the island offers endless possibilities for outings. Fauna and flora offer a wide range of treasures. Orchids, giant bats, tree ferns, makis, etc. can be found … Mohéli differs from the other islands by its virgin territory. There are outstanding beaches like Nioumachoua, Moimbasa, Sambia, Itsamia etc. This small island of 290 km² is characterized by the emblematic and endemic fauna (Livingstone bats, dugongs, humpback whales, and tortoises), its preserved traditional housing and its village and community life. The rich historical heritage and cultural wealth of Comoros are of major interest to national tourism. There are archaeological sites, gravesites, fortifications, religious buildings, sultanate buildings. Cultural heritage spreads to popular and traditional dances, events and festivities surrounding the cultural life, oral tradition such as folk tales, etc… Local cuisine gains greater recognition for the freshness and quality of its products than for sophistication. Simple and practical, it is limited in variety and its basic foodstuffs are banana, cassava and rice. Sculpted woodwork, traditional jewellery, pottery, basketry and embroidery are specific areas of Comorian handicraft. Certain villages specialize in a specific activity: basketry, djohos in Itsandra, popular pottery in Fumbuni, embroided kofias in Mbéni, dolls and shiromani in Anjouan. Sports activities are adapted to what nature offers: diving in marine coastal environment, big game fishing, mountain hiking.

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Sailing in the Comoros Archipelago is possible and easy with Blue Safari Sailing on the Blue Peter a 40' Jeaneau Sun Fizz. Discover the joys and techniques of navigating some of the most fascinating and least visited islands of the Indian Ocean. Push and pull sail along volcanic cliffs, dive in unforgettable coral reefs, sunbathe and enjoy the fruits of the earth and of the sea. Custom voyages are possible: celebrate an unforgettable wedding, enjoy a romantic outing at sunset, treat your friends or staff to a BBQ at sea or on the beach, take a relaxing weekend visit to the north or south of the Grande Comores, or a multi-day cruise to visit the Marine Park on the island of Moheli or the historic ruins on Anjouan. While onboard, you can learn how to sail with the help of the experienced skipper, practice troll fishing, watch dolphins and whales, explore the reefs by snorkeling or diving, or simply enjoy cruising watching view and relaxing in the sun. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a memorable outing in the Moon Islands of Comoros. Whatever your choice of cruising, we will ensure that your desires and your expectations are fully met.

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