Comoros Diving

PADI Certified Dive Centers

Center Location Activities Contact and Reservations
Gombessa Diving Hotel Itsandra – Moroni Wind surfing, Sport fishing, Kayaking trips, Snorkeling, Dolphin and whale (in season) watching trips Tel: (269) 343 86 46
Email: wanajambo@hotmail.com
Facebook: Gombessa Diving on Facebook
Laka Lodge Diving Noumashoua – Moheli Watching and snorkeling with whales and dolphins, Waterfall tours, Iles tours, Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, Turtle watching, Fishing, Village tours, Forrest hikes Tel: (269) 772 60 38
Email: info@lakalodge.com
Website: Laka Lodge Website
Online booking:
http://www.lakalodge.com/fra/Reservation.aspx – French
http://www.lakalodge.com/eng/reservation.aspx – English

Diving In Comoros

Coral Reefs are in pristine condition.

Diving guides are available for beginner to advanced divers.

Diving is easy and is done from the shore and by boat.

Many different nautical activities are available including wind surfing, sport fishing, kayaking trips, snorkeling, dolphin and whale (in season) watching trips.

Custom itineraries can be created through each dive center.

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Chindini – southern tip of Grande Comore

Access to the site is by boat for an easy dive to 15-28 m. Gorgonians presence, shells and large groupers. The site is particularly well sheltered from December to March.

Salimani – West Coast

Access to the site is from the village of Salimani, swimming, 80 meters from the shore, on a former mooring area.

Presence, 15-20 m, many old anchors. By calm sea, it is an easy dive site.

Itsoundzou “Dolphin Bay” – West Coast

The site offers a very easy dive, sheltered from north winds, with black sand, coral and stingrays.

The site of “Mungania” – West Coast

Access to the site is from the beached shipwreck “Mungania” 30-40 m deep with vertical drop of over 60 meters.

The site offers large passages, black coral and sea fans. The current being there sometimes violent, the site is for good divers.

the site of Moindzaza – Iconi south – west coast

Accessible “zodiac”, the site is located at 15-25 m with caves, arches, caves and sometimes sharks.
Site Singani Front casting (eruption of 1977)

In calm seas, access to the site is crossing a “lava desert” up to 50 m deep with grottoes. The site is of particular interest for observation and study of coral growth, provided that the lava flow was in April 1977.

The hotel’s website “Coelacanth” – Moroni

Current dive base, the site at the foot of the hotel is easily accessible by the launching slip. With a fall of 85 m to 25 m from the edge, the site can be dangerous in heavy sea.
This is the great site dives of all levels, depending on the depth. Presence of coral, coral fish, stone fish, anemones, gorgonians, black coral, turtles passage and all large.

The pagoda site – Moroni cornice

The site, accessible by zodiac (10 min) offers beautiful diving 30 m from the lava front: three columns rising from 60m to 12m, with all the coral fish, many shells and a very large grouper. Diving involves all levels of divers.
The site of the former Ministry of Transport – Moroni cornice

An easy walk to the site is somewhat difficult: after 40 m of coral plateau, falling to 85 meters, well sheltered by high sea. The site is suitable for all divers with depth.

Beit Salam – Moroni cornice

This is the easiest and one of the best dives of Moroni region. Access is by the launching slip and, 80 meters of coral plateau, there are at falling beautiful caves, holes and cellars. Very sheltered, diving n ‘is not possible at high tide. However, this is the most spectacular site for night diving.

The Point at Beit Salam – Moroni cornice

Access is along a zodiac or mage pal of over 150 m. The site offers a beautiful cascading up to 85 m. Suitable for good divers only.

Itsandra -Côte west beach

The site, off the beach Itsandra is very easy access and is in a bad season, with funds and coral sand and a beautiful old anchor 33 m.

Itsandra Hotel – West Coast

The site is accessible from the small beach of the hotel “Itsandra” with coral plateau, falling from 4-15 m, down caves and lava languages ​​within 65 m. The site is suitable for all divers with depth.

The site Voidjou – West Coast

The departure is a small pebble cove with gradual descent to 85 m with beautiful gorgonians.
The Beacon airport website – West Coast

Site practicable only in calm seas. Presence of beautiful corals, falling tormented and big passage.

The site of the charming Hole – West Coast

This is the dive site for all levels is always accessible. The descent is to achieve the progressive rock of 18-25 m full: big fish and transition, to 40-50 m, sea fans and groupers.
The site of three points – West Coast

A series of dives located after a lava flow with very steep fall: big transition but making water possible only in calm seas.

The site Ntsaouéni – West Coast

Access is easier in calm water for easy snorkeling and shallow. Sand and coral alternate, often with the presence of dolphins, turtles, many shells (conch and helmets).

The site is Chomoni- coast

The site, opposite the beach of the village of Chomoni, is the only recognized diving on the east coast. Departure is from the beach in zodiac, reaching 17-55 m in the fall: gorgonians, rays, many shells.

Banc Site vailheux- off the Great comore

Macro – exceptional site, the Banc vailheux

is about 12 nautical miles Iconi, west of Grande Comore. It measures three kilometers long from south to north and 1.5m wide.

The bench is for good divers only – the currents are often very violent and diving can be practiced in calm sea. It is located at a depth of 7-18m and most beautiful sites on the western edge with a drop of 12 m with absolutely vertical caves in places. We observe all the big offshore, including whales and orcas.

The sites of the islands of Nioumachoua – south of Moheli

Nioumachoua all the islands of the area is vast and almost empty tank for scuba diving activities, of course limited to the observation of the rich flora and fauna.
The entire islands region deserves attention and safeguard action, development and very sharp and very fast advancement towards the creation of a marine reserve or a national marine park, whose importance and potential go beyond the national level.

**To know**

Transparent clothes and bathing suits are not tolerated in the city or in the village. Do not buy products such as marine turtles, corals, shellfish (especially blacks) that constitute the field of protection.


  • Bandrélé,
  • Bouéni, Abalone Plongée
  • Le Bullodrome
  • Dzaoudzi, Le Lambis
  • Kani-Kéli, Lagon Maoré
  • Mamoudzou, Hippocampe Plongée
  • Maji Club
  • Nautilus Plongée
  • Rêve Bleu
  • M’tsangamoudji, Happy Divers
  • Pamandzi, Nyamba Club
  • Scubaoré Plongée
  • Trévani, Mayotte Lagon