Comoros has a natural beauty and a stunningly unusual landscape due to its volcanic origins.

The marine fauna of Comoros has a number of globally important species, many of them found primarily in the Mohéli Marine Park (PMM). Comoros has a very rich aquatic life, species ranging from the numerous corals to the rare Coelacanth, sea turtles, dugongs, humpback whales etc.

The coral reefs are an amazing world to discover by snorkeling or diving, which is a major highlight for many of our visitors (Diving in Comoros)

The terrestrial fauna of the Comoros is quite diverse as well. The four islands are volcanoes that have been gradually emerging from the sea, all are now extinct except for Karthala on Grande Comore (an active volcano at an altitude of 2.361m and a crater believed to be the largest in the world, with a width of 3 to 8 km).

A diverse population of animals can be found flying throughout the Comorian archipelago including nilgau, giant bats, insects, butterflies, etc. The flora throughout the islands is estimated at over 2,000 species and include many tropical species as well as the perfume plants “ylang-ylang”, clove, vanilla and several species of ornamentals.