3rd edition of the Culture and Gastronomy Festival Indianocéanique, hotel Itsandra, Moroni, from 26 to 28 August 2016.

The Comoros National Office in partnership with the Vanilla Islands Association organize will host the 3rd Annual Indianocéanique Cultural and Gastronomic Festival. This years festival will be held at the Hotel Itsandra from 26 – 28, August 2016.
This year’s festival will be centered on three key themes:
– Exhibitions and cultural activities which highlight the rich gastronomy and thousand year old Comorian culture and the Indianoceanique region.
– Meetings and workshops regarding the promotion of the Indian Ocean as a tourist destination,
– Regional arts and crafts exhibition with unique displays of traditional and modern works.
Everyone is invited; we are awaiting your arrival.
Booths are available, for any information please contact 773 78 16.



08h00 : Opening of the stands and related activities

– 15h00 : Opening Ceremony
• Presentations:
• Opening prayer
• Welcoming speech by the Governor of Ngazidja
• Speech by the President of the Council of Administration for the National Office of Tourism
• Speech by Mrs.Anne la Fortune, Representative of the Minitry of Tourisme Seychelles
• Speech by The Representative of IRT
• Cultural Dance (Dimadjou Association)
• Speech by the Vice President of the Ministry of Tourism
• Cocktail / Visiting the Stands
• Related activities

– 08h00 : Opening of the stands
– 10h15 : Most beautiful CHIROMANI contest
– 10h45 : Conference: Eating Well in the Indian Ocean
– 12h45 : Presentation on creative recycling by the AGIR Association of Anjouan – Demonstration of Creative Comorian Arts
– 14h00 : Demonstration and tasting of Vanilla Islands cooking: Sauces and Sides, Chefs Specialties

08h00 -15h00 : Field Excursions, register at the National Office of Tourism Stand or on the website festival.comorosdiscover.com

16h30 : Closing Ceremony
– Announcement of Contest Winners
– Speeches:
• Representative of Comoros Tour Operators
• M.Didier Robert,President of the region Reunion
• Secretary of State of Tourism, Arts and Crafts
– Related Activities
19h00mn: Press Conference: Vanilla Islands Association at Itsandra Hotel

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