1 Day Visit

1 day on Grand Comore
On the streets talking politics with locals or in a cafe, try a Comorian breakfast of Mkatra Sinia(comorian pancake), crêpes, Mkatra Zinkudu (fried banana), or a Makandazi (comorian doughnut). Have your meal with a hot mug of locally grown coffee or “Tchaï ya singiziu”/Shingazidja (ginger tea with cinnamon leaves).

Spend the morning in Moroni visiting the Volo Volo market, watch women crush casava leaves to make Madaba. Follow your nose to the spice vendors and be prepared to stock up on your favorites including locally grown vanilla and cloves and many more Taste some locally grown fruit including Tsungwoma (red guava), a variety of Bananas, and fresh pineapple.

Have a nice lunch at Nassib Volo Volo restaurant of octopus, madaba and rice, fried fish is also available, as well as mutton stew.

Stop by the Comoros National Museum and learn more about the history of Comoros, see some traditional arts and ancient artifacts, and don’t forget to take your picture with the living fossil – the coelacanthe – the fish long believed to be extinct until just recently found in Comorian waters.

Head down the hill and Walk through the Badjanani Medina to see the historic mosques, winding alleys, arabic influenced architecture and a culture that has been living there for a millenia. Relax on a bench next to the fish market and watch the sunset over the harbor.

Head north along the coast and treat yourself to a culinary delight at one of the many fine dining restaurants including la Grillade, La Escaler, Jardin de la Paix, Le Sim Sim, La Coroya, or Itsandra Hotel. You could also feast on the popular Comorian street food dinner of Mabawa (grilled chicken wings) or Bruschettes (Grilled beef) with a side of cassava and bit of putu (home made chili sauce) on top.

1 day on Moheli

1 day on Anjouan

1 day on Mayotte